Saturday, August 27, 2011

Germany: Bacharach am Rhein

So! After Munich, I went to this verrrryyy little town called Bacharach, which is located along the Rhine River! As you'll see from the photos, it was a much more "traditional" looking German town. It was soooo gorgeous and peaceful here!

View of the Rhine from our youth hostel (which was at Stahleck Castle!!!)

Our hostel!

Some nights we would have some wine tastings... I really liked the sweeter wines like Riesling :)

Bacharach streets


One day we visited the ruins of some castle somewhere in another town along the Rhine... I forgot the names of either hahaha

more ruins

Rhine River

Creeper status

girls of GAPP :) but Suzane is hiding next to me

That's our castle on top of the hill!

Every time we wanted to get back up to the castle from town, we had to walk uphill for about... 20 minutes x_x torture every time but it really built up my stamina! (which I've probably lost within the past month lol)

gelato all day errday

Something that made Bacharach really fun was getting to know the other GAPPers a lot better since we were basically stuck in the castle almost the whole time. Most of our free time was just spent hanging out or engaging in RPGs! lolol
here we're building a ship for our RPG, named "SS Up Yours"

map from one of our RPGs lol

Ryan's pedo-face

The Rhine at night~

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  1. gelato errday *3*)// i love vacation pics, so glad you had a wonderful time <3