Sunday, August 7, 2011

Germany: Munich

...yeah so a month after I come home, I'm ready to post some pics up from my Germany trip! I took over 1000 pictures so I'll only put up my favorites. This post is about my time in Munich! and apparently Blogger doesn't have a button for post cuts like LJ... so until I figure it out, please bear with all these images!!!

In the airport in Munich! * A * btw I'm a huuuuuge BMW fan if you didn't know already...

 Pretty streets of Munich

 Rathaus (City Hall)

 I found Asians!!! Japanese tourists in Marienplatz hahaha
 First day in Germany, we did an 8-hour bike tour... I am like the most non-athletic person ever so by the end of that day, I was in complete, TOTAL PAIN!!! Plus the seats totally bruised my butt too :(

 First alcoholic beverage ever! It's a Radler (half beer, half Fanta). Even though it was only half beer, it was really nasty x_x

View of BMW World/Museum from Olympiaturm! * O *

 My first Döner! It's a Turkish dish with roasted meat (I think this one was either pork or chicken), veggies, and a yummy sauce. This one had some really tasty cheese!

Schloss (Castle) Linderhof: This castle is sooooooooo gorgeous inside... almost every room was covered in gold!!!

 A tired and icky Milan after climbing all the way up to Schloss Neuschwanstein (aka Disney castle). I'm standing on the Marienbruecke (Marien Bridge) and you can see the castle behind me! also lol at my friend Maliha unintentionally photo-bombing xD

My favorite part of Munich... BMWs!!! This is a picture of one of coolest cars I saw in the museum. I was in heaven~

 Last dinner in Munich :( a bunch of tipsy Americans after drinking a liter of beer ;)
lucky for me, I handle alcohol pretty well! On the whole trip, I never got tipsy! Perhaps it's because I didn't chug it all down like the others, but eh, it's better that way for me! I have become a fan of wine and cocktails though, and now my mommy shares her drinks with me when we go out to eat, hahaha! but don't worry, I'm only drinking for the taste ;)

I went to a billion other museums and stuff too, but these are the highlights of my time in Munich :) more pics to come soon!

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  1. i like how im all like yeah!!! pics!! then i see most of them are bmws LOL oh youuuu xD i have 3-4 costumes i wanna do XD